Providing quality pager repair, sales, parts and accessories since 1996.
We support Motorola, Unication, Apollo, Sun Telecom and other pagers.


About EPR Wireless, Inc.

EPR Wireless Inc. has been providing paging carriers, paging resellers, hospitals, and other businesses with quality pager repair since 1996.  All electronic repair work is performed by a trained technician. After the pager has been returned to factory specifications, they are sent to a refurb technician where the pagersí housing parts are returned to "like-new" condition.  To ensure quality, all pagers are then sent to the quality control department where a senior technician will perform a final 10-point inspection. This 3 step procedure has allowed us to maintain one of the lowest return rates in the industry. So if you are having trouble finding a reliable pager sales/repair shop call 704-968-1661.