EPR WIRELESS Customer Profile
Charlotte, NC  704-968-1661

EPR Wireless needs approval for any repairs that you send. These repairs will generate an invoice to your business. Please answer the following questions regarding how you would like your account to be handled. If YES is marked then the repair will be performed at a published labor rate plus an additional charge for any parts that are used. If NO is checked, then the pager will be returned un-repaired. Please note that we do not provide estimates. Please include a copy of this profile with your initial order or when the information updates.

Place a check under "yes or "no"     



Replace Housings    
Replace Lens    
Replace Missing Belt Clips, Battery Doors, Etc.    
Clear "Group" Cap Codes.    
Clear "Mail" Drops.    
Break Password (if not provided with Pager)    
Replace LCD's    
Program external Cap Code to match internal Cap Code.    
Replace internal lithium battery.    

You may set a limit on how much you want to spend on a repair. If the cost of repair exceeds your limit, your pager will be returned un-repaired. All Pagers are subject to a minimum $1.00 troubleshooting / checkout fee.

Maximum dollar amount allowed for repairs on….
Numeric Pagers $
Alpha Pagers $

Thank you for choosing EPR Wireless. EPR Wireless will not be responsible for pagers that are disabled while attempting to break a pass code. Pagers sent with one attempt left on the pass code may be returned disabled.  All repairs carry a 60 day warranty. This warranty does not cover pagers that are water damaged or have corrosion. Because of a shortage of certain parts, your pager may be repaired with aftermarket parts. Please do not send batteries, chains or other accessories.

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